Lauren Rengani

Artist, Creative & Animal Lover

What is Art

IMG_0841For myself, art is a dreamscape, a place for one to escape everyday life. A manifested illusion put on paper, canvases, glass, it could be a dance or poem perhaps a writer writing his mystery masterpiece. Art is a testimony of an artists dream created by their own souls vision. Art is an abundance of ideas, thoughts and expressions running without a map from one’s being out into the abyss.

A fantasy away from the meandering of every day life. Dreamwalks we choose to take while awake or dreaming, surreal and sometimes painful but as with everything also sometimes the highest form of blissfulness is achieved. In order to create beauty or provoke feelings we must use our knowledge from all of life’s experiences, opposites, parallels, feelings and our voice from within. From a heartache or love emerges poems of beauty or despair. From the loss of a loved object, stems a painting of a favorite memory. We want to feel so very deeply so we create, to feel. We lose ourselves in time, hours and sometimes days, discovering our deepest depths. Often discovering something about ourselves that maybe was not so apparent once before. Invisible to our own self as others see clearly. Our hidden gifts emerge. I believe art is a wish for what really is to be. Through Art, our desires release hopes and dreams of something greater than expected, an aftereffect of love or heartache, joy or thankfulness. Maybe just being in the moment for a day , weeks….. Time matters not, when your dreaming. For maybe the artist, like a lover, who is in search of an empty heart to posses, fills the vacant niche with A piece of ones soul, their magic, a craft, a gift, talent and or beauty. Art moves through us from our creator…. A gift we are all given.

Hopefully, with our time on this earth, we will each discover the treasures inside of us. Go, go now and discover…search, experiment, play, try and find what fills you with joy, makes your heart race and share it with no one or entire universe. We give art. We give love.

My thoughts of what ART means to me.


Lauren Rengani