IMG_1950I am Lauren Rengani, born and raised here in this lovely green bowl of Washington rain mixed with just enough sunshine to get one’s self through the next winter. I was raised as an only child, which gave me lots of peace and aloneness to create.  I was always rearranging our house, which drove my parents crazy.

Forever bringing home stray animals, drawing, singing, designing clothes and writing stories. Pretty normal all in all, I suppose. I feel as though I have lived a very fulfilled life,  I am ever so grateful. Having  blessings of amazing opportunities, healthy children, and true friends, traveling, built successful businesses, and now at the age of 47, I know Im just beginning a new chapter.   I believe I am now to paint, to teach painting, to be in love with the talents God gifted to me, to spread his love through my gifts, to love my children and future grandchildren, to help where I am needed, and to spread joy and love where I can.

As a completely self-taught artist, I began painting doggies after opening a doggie hotel… They were perfect subjects! I began painting all other subject matter in oils and acrylics for my Interior Design clients.  There was always a space that needed a custom painting in a particular size and or specific color range.  It just seemed much easier if I filled the need myself. I would simply just start painting what we needed. Necessity creates!

The decision as to which is greater, my love for watercolor or my love for oil is a conundrum.  I use acrylic when something needs to be completed sooner rather than later. I always tend to paint my doggies or kittens in watercolor though.  However, I love the luxuriousness of oil for other things such as horses, landscapes and abstracts. I do have a favorite color, Phthalo turquoise . This color alone or mixed just leaves me in a peaceful state of mind. I am my happiest lost in this color and listening to Kem, Karen Olson or even the Pandora Inigma station!   Oh, and a walk on the beach before or after a long painting session is always inspiring. Hours could just float by and I have lost all worries and care for the day’s matters when I am painting.

I truly love painting my clients four-legged beloveds. My favorite part to paint is their eyes…. Eyes move me. I see everything in THE eyes. I really enjoy trying to capture each pet’s funny mannerisms or sweetness.  If I could change the world, I would want everyone to respect one another on the highest level. To have them speak only real truths from the heart and to just love.

I have lived out most of my dreams; the only thing left for me is to travel Italy and Spain. Since my girls are here, I choose to stay near to them, or I would live in France or Italy…. Im working on bringing France and Italy here to me…. I’m a dreamer of course!

Most of all, I am looking forward to meeting you, to hear your story, to convey your four legged friend onto canvas or paper.  It could be a gift or just a memoir of your beloved. Maybe you are just looking for that special piece of art to move you? I can create this for you in any size or medium.

Go to my contact page and send me an email.  Tell me what your looking for.